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Resources for Industrial Ecology

Regulatory and Business Drivers

Environmental Metrics

Life Cycle


Extended Product Responsibility, Corporate Product Stewardship

Product Delivery and Use

DFE and Green Manufacturing

  • Green Products by Design: Choices for a Cleaner Environment, US Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, OTA-E-541, US Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., September 1992

  • WTEC Report on Environmentally Benign Manufacturing

  • Pratt & Whitney Green Engine Program: Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft engines, gas turbines and space propulsion systems. The Green Engine Program applies industrial ecology concepts to a corporate model in an effort to identify and lessen the environmental impacts of Pratt & Whitney's operations. The program is structured as a matrix organization that draws on people from the design, technology, and operations components of P&W, as well as from supplier and customer organizations.

Earth Science Resources

  • Center for International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia University. CIESIN was "established in 1989 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization to provide information that would help scientists, decision-makers, and the public better understand their changing world." CIESIN provides interactive applications such as census data mapping, integrated assessment models of climate change, and others as well as a variety of data resources.


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