Columbia University Municipal Solid Waste Database (Beta)

Welcome to the Columbia University Municipal Solid Waste Database (Beta 1.0)


The goal of the CU MSWDB is to provide fast, easy access to reliable municipal solid waste data. Most of the data used in this application is from the EEC/BioCycle 2006 State of Garbage in America Survey (2004 data). However, Columbia's Earth Engineering Center has been conducting research under two separate grants - the "Collection and Critical Analysis of Recycling Data from EPA Region 9" grant, with funding provided by US EPA Region 9; and the Municipal Solid Waste Database Project grant, with funding provided by the Curbside Value Partnership.


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To use the database, simply navigate with your mouse over the states in the map. You will see popup windows with basic information on statewide waste flows appear. For those states with supplemental data (denoted with an asterisk on the map) you can click on each state to jump to more detailed information on that state's MSW data, including links to relevant reports and websites. On the state detail pages you can also click on city spots to call up waste data for the individual municipality. You can always use the buttons on the bottom of the City and State screens to navigate back to the previous page or to return to the US Map home page.