Columbia University Municipal Solid Waste Database (Beta)

The Curbside Value Parternship (CVP) is a national consortium of curbside recycling communities and stakeholders developing and sharing best-practice communications and business principles.  CVP is sponsored by the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturers Institute to help municipalities and material recovery facilities sustain and prosper their curbside recycling programs. Key initiatives of the CVP are, first, to increase household participation in curbside recycling programs and lift the recovery rates of the valuable materials. The second goal is to improve measurement and transparency of marketable recyclable materials, helping local, regional and national stakeholders discover the ROI of increased household participation.

CVP has over two years of research, best practices and experience partnering with communities, amassing a library of resources, data and templates that can be used by any community interested in improving their programs.

CVP has generously provided seed money for the creation of the methodology underlying the development of this database. Their funding has also supported the programming/interface development of the website.

EPA's Region 9 office works to protect public health and the environment in the southwestern United States (Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii). EPA Region 9 also works with 147 federally recognized tribes in the Pacific Southwest.

Additionally, the regional office's environmental responsibilities extend into the Pacific Ocean well beyond Hawaii. To the west and south of Hawaii are hundreds of islands with an estimated population greater than 300,000, where EPA has an active and direct role. The islands are scattered over an area larger than the 48 contiguous United States. These island jurisdictions consist of the U.S. territories of Guam and American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and other unincorporated U.S. Pacific possessions.

EPA Region 9 provided funding for EEC to research MSW data in Region 9 States.

BioCycle has been published since 1960 and is one of the leading national journals on waste management. Their annual "State of Garbage in America" Survey is recognized across the industry for its authoritative account of state, regional and national waste flows.

EEC has been working with BioCycle on the State of Garbage in America Survey since 2003.