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Earth Engineering Center

The principal resource of EEC are the faculty, Research Associates from universities and industry, and graduate students (Junior Research Associates) working toward their M.S. or Ph.D. degrees.  Since the formation of EEC, there have been over thirty theses and many technical papers on waste reduction, recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, waste-to-energy (WTE), and landfill gas collection and utilization. For a complete list, please look up the our Information Database SOFOS and Publications.

A very important objective of EEC and its components is to provide graduate level training in the ways and means of sustainable resource utilization to engineers and scientists, in particular those from rapidly developing nations where the need for managing the ever increasing volume of wastes is most acute.

Developers of novel technologies have sponsored research projects during which students and their faculty advisors carry out an in-depth analysis of a particular technology. Proprietary information is treated as such and the results of the project are based entirely on scientific analysis. During the course of their studies, EEC graduate students have travelled to other countries to collect necessary information, such as Canada, Chile, India, Japan, and Spain.

EEC/WTERT Education and Industry Awards

Periodically, EEC presents the WTERT Awards for significant contributions by individuals and organizations to Sustainable Waste Management. Past WTERT Award winners have been Martin GmbH of Germany for the most widely used WTE technology, the ASM Brescia WTE plant in Italy, Prof. George Tchobanoglous of the University of California-Davis for his pioneering textbooks, and Prof. Paul Brunner of Technical University of Vienna for his seminal work on the application of material flow analysis for waste and resource management. The most recent WTERT Awards were won by Mr. Artie Cole of Wheelabrator Technologies for his many patents on WTE technologies over three decades and by Covanta Energy for the development of novel low NOx technologies.

National MSW Survey

EEC conducts, in collaboration with BioCycle journal, a bi-annual survey of waste generation and disposition in the U.S. This Survey, called State of Garbage in America (SOG) is based on information provided to EEC by the waste management departments of the fifty states in the U.S. The results of this Survey are used by U.S.EPA in computing the GHG effects of MSW management in the U.S.


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