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WTERT was founded in 2002 by the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University

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Plastics Division of American Chemistry Council (Washington, DC., U.S.)

    • The invention of plastics has resulted in the production of thousands of materials that have improved quality of life, energy efficiency, and nearly every facet of society.  The versatility of uses  of such materials requires mixtures and properties that make the recycling of most plastics economically impossible. For example, less than 10% of the plastics wastes generated in California, a state admired for its recycling programs are actually recycled. This has led to a strong research effort by EEC/WTERT to pyrolyze non-recycled plastic wastes to a synthetic oil or other petrochemical. The Plastics Division of ACC and EEC/WTERT have collaborated on a major study on “Energy and Economic Value of Non-recycled Plastics and Municipal Solid Wastes”.

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