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Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. (Hampton, NH., U.S.)

    • Wheelabrator Technologies is the second largest WTE company in the U.S. and built the first modern technology WTE in Saugus, Massachusetts, in 1975. Wheelabrator is a wholly owned company of Waste Management Inc. and  operates 17 waste-to-energy facilities and five independent power plants, processing about seven million tons of MSW annually and providing electricity to nearly one million households. Since 1975, Wheelabrator has also recovered from the WTE bottom ash over three million tons of ferrous and nonferrous materials that would otherwise be landfilled.
    • Wheelabrator has been a major innovator in the U.S. and its senior technologist, Mr. Artie Cole, received the WTERT 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award to an individual, for advancing waste-to-energy technologies over a period of three decades.
    • In recent years, Wheelabrator has expanded its business in the U.K. and China. Its collaboration with Shanghai Environmental Group has already resulted in new WTE projects in China. .

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