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COVANTA ENERGY (Morristown, NJ., U.S.)

Covanta Energy is the largest waste-to-energy company in the U.S. It operates 44 WTE plants mostly in the U.S. and Canada, twenty other energy generation facilities, and other waste management businesses, such as recycling of used electronics. Many of the WTE plants are owned by Covanta while the rest are operated under contract with various municipalities. In total, Covanta processes the municipal solid wastes of about 30 million people and produces nine million megawatt-hours of electricity annually, which corresponds to about 8% of the U.S. renewable energy, excluding hydropower.

Covanta Energy has a very active R&D program headed by Steve Goff and including two Columbia PhDs, Hanwei Zhang and Shang-Hsiu Lee. Recent advances by Covanta Research are the Very Low NOx (VLN; winner of 2006 WTERT Award) process and the CLEERGAS gasification process. Covanta VP Brian Bahor was contributor to WTE volume of Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (Springer, 2012)

Covanta is heavily involved in advancing waste-to-energy in China through its ownership, with Chongqing Steel, of Sanfeng Covanta, a company that operates two WTE plants and a large manufacturing plant of moving grates and other components for WTE furnaces. The company also operates a WTE facility in Italy and is developing new plants in Canada and the U.K.

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