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Energy Answers International (Albany, NY., U.S.)

    • Energy Answer is the company that designed and built the very successful SEMASS (SouthEast MASS) WTE that processes one million tons of MSW from many municipalities, from South Boston to the entire Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.  Its mission is to produce energy and recover metals economically from solid wastes, as well as promote environmental education, and improve the communities in which the company operates.
    • Energy Answers has a successful history of operating and managing solid waste facilities with a sensitivity to the communities they serve. The company has never stopped the drive for a more sustainable waste management system by combining waste-to-energy, recycling & composting, and landfill operations & closure.
    • Pat Mahoney, President of Energy Answers, and Floy Hasselriis, senior consultant contributed to the WTE volume of Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (Springer, 2012)

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