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Hitachi Zosen Inova (U.S.A)

  • The Von Roll moving grate technology is one of the most widely used around the world. The motto “Waste is our energy!” describes the global vision of Hitachi Zosen Inova,(HSI) formerly known as Von Roll Inova, of treating waste thermally and recovering the energy and metals it contains. The Von Roll technology has been used for over 75 years and is the technology used in many Wheelabrator WTE facilities in the U.S. . Hitachi Sozen Inova are among the few suppliers of WTE technology WTE suppliers who carry an active R&D program and have helped advance this technology in recent decades. Mr. Peter Chromec, C.E.O of HIS U.S.A, was a contributing author in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (Springer publishing, 2012). 

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