Proceedings of WTERT 2008 Bi-Annual Meeting

Oct. 16-17, 2008, Columbia university, New York












1. Investigation of most viable technology for anaerobic digestion of source separated organics : Ljupka Arsova

2. Catalytic reactors for fuel processing: Federico Barrai

3. Reasons for very low recycling rates of plastics in U.S.  and means for increasing material or energy recovery from plastics: Jawad Bhatti

4. Experimental analysis of steam and CO2 gasification of biomass fuels: Heidi Butterman

5. Effect of urea and urea decomposition byproducts on zeolite activity for selective catalytic reduction: Maik Eichelbaum, McKenzie Primerano

6. Pre-shredding of MSW in grate combustion WTE applications for cleaner and more efficient energy production: Garrett Fitzgerald

7. Identification of the best available technology for aerobic composting of green wastes for U.S. application: Rob van Haaren

8. Scrap tires in waste-to-energy plants: treatment and emission control: Eilhann Kwon

9. Catalytic enhancement of the combustion of landfill and anaerobic digestion biogas in a gas engine: Jechan Lee

10. Catalytic shock tube: Nora McLaughlin

11. Autothermal reforming of landfill gases: McKenzie Primerano

12. Means for increasing the specific capacity of WTE combustion units: Saman Reshadi

13. A kinetic and process study for ethanol reforming using a Pt/rh washcoated monolith catalyst: Amanda Simson

14. Landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) technology comparison: Kelly Westby

15. Nanoparticles emissions from WTE facilities in comparison to other high temperature sources: Lital Yinon

16. Experimental Investigation into Gas Production via Methane Hydrates: Yue Zhou