Proceedings of WTERT 2008 Bi-Annual Meeting

Oct. 16-17, 2008, Columbia university, New York

The 2008 Awards of WTERT


WTERT 2008 Industry Award

To Covanta Energy for their development of the LN® and VLN® NOx reduction processes














The WTERT 2008 Industry Award recognized a very significant and firstly-implemented advance to the grate combustion (“mass burn”) WTE process. Nominations included advanced combustion control systems, oxygen enrichment and significant improvements in boiler-turbine thermal efficiency, novel NOx reduction systems, and an advanced system for injecting wastewater sludge into a WTE. Mr. Steve Goff, V.P. of Technology Development, Covanta Energy received the award on behalf of his company.

WTERT 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award

To Mr. Artie Cole of Wheelabrator Technologies for his many technical contributions to the WTE technology over three decades.

The WTERT 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award sought nominations of individuals who as researchers, inventors, policy makers, or industrialists have made an outstanding contribution to advancing the recovery of energy from municipal solid wastes in a nation or region.