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  • One Man's Trash Could be an Energy Treasure
    Trash-burning technology may be a bridge to a cleaner future, but because the process still produces some greenhouse gases, it's still igniting debate across the country. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.
  • Europe to build 100 waste-to-energy plants by 2012: According to research group Frost & Sullivan (Palo Alto, California), Europe's waste-to-energy market is about to experience rapid growth in the coming years, with as many as 100 new waste-incineration-with-energy-recovery plants expected to be constructed in Europe by 2012. The new plants would represent a continent-wide capacity expansion of over 14 million tons annually. The research group projects an ongoing move away from many other waste management strategies, claiming that many local and regional authorities see waste-to-energy as the only viable large-scale alternative to landfill.





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