Agenda of the WTERT Fall Meeting 2003 (pdf-format)
Columbia University in the City of New York, November 13-14, 2003



Some of the authors presenting papers


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Dr. Karsten Millrath, WTERT Council and Earth Engineering Center at Columbia University, “The first year of the University Ash Consortium
Professor Frank J. Roethel, Marine Sciences Research Center, State University of New York at Stony Brook, “MSW Combustor Ash Opportunities for Long Island
Professor David M. Kargbo, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Temple University, “Combustion Ash Research Activities (Year 2003) at Temple University

Dr. Saugata Datta, Earth Institute, Columbia University, “SEM-EDX Chemistry of Coal Ash versus WTE Ash

Dionel Albina, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, “Comparative analysis of emissions from WTE and coal-fired power plants

Larry Beaumont, EcoTechnologies, LLC, “Challenges for the U.S. WTE Industry in the 21st century

Monica M. DeAngelo, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, “Using GIS Technology to Site WTE Facilities In NYC

Professor Melvin Finstein, Rutgers University / ArrowBio, “The ArrowBio Process and its Relevance for New York City

Tim Judge, Pencor-Masada, Masada Resource Group, LLC, “Converting Municipal Wastes into Renewable Fuels: the CES OxyNol™ process

Scott M. Kaufman, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, “Paper Recycling and Waste Management”

Dr. Ralf Koralewska, MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik, Munich, Germany, “Recent Developments in MARTIN® WTE Systems

Professor Xiaodong Li, Institute for Thermal Power Engineering (ITPE), Zhejiang University, China, “Advances made in the Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Wastes in China

Benjamin Miller, Environmental Policy Services, LLC and Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, “New York City’s 1992 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan: Lessons Forgotten 11 Years Later

Karena M. Ostrem, Earth Pledge and Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University, “Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Waste

Dr. Stephen J. Paul, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, “Disposing of wet/mixed organic wastes: Filtering the flow to landfills and WTE plants

Dr. Fabrice Patisson, Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France, “Research on MSW combustion at the Nancy School of Mines and brief overview of the WTE industry in France”

Professor Nickolas J. Themelis, WTERT Council and Earth Engineering Center at Columbia University, “WTERT Council: Advancing the Implementation of Waste-to-Energy Technologies: The First Year

Dr. Jürgen Vehlow, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (Research Center Karlsruhe), Germany, “Effects of Combusting Plastics in WTE Plants on Dioxin Formation and Ash Quality” - Click here for the technical paper


I would like to thank all participants fo the WTERT Fall Meeting 2003 for their contribution. With the involvement of the audience an enthusiastic atmosphere was created that carried the meeting to an enjoyable success (see feedback). I have to express my gratefulness to the following people:

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (Earth Institute at Columbia University) for his welcoming words,

Professor Nickolas Themelis and Maria Zannes (Chairs of the WTERT),

All speakers (Dionel O. Albina, E. Larry Beaumont, Saugata Datta, Monica M. DeAngelo, Tim Judge, Melvin Finstein, Grant Hendricks, David M. Kargbo, Scott M. Kaufman, Ralf Koralewska, Xiadong Li, Benjamin Miller, Karsten Millrath, Karena M. Ostrem, Fabrice Patisson, Stephen Paul, Frank J. Roethel, Nickolas J. Themelis, Jürgen Vehlow, Maria Zannes),

The "registration table" (Paula Estevez and Kanako Okada),

Technical and organizational support (Barbara Algin, John Lin, Masato Nakamura, Kim Spir, Liliana N. Themelis, the graduate students of Columbia's Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, the Engineering Dean's office at Columbia, Columbia's ACIS, Columbia's facilities management, Crown Catering), and

The sponsors of the WTERT, especially the Integrated Waste Services Association.


Thank you very much for your help and support,

Dr. Karsten Millrath, WTERT Manager


"[...] The Council began its investigation into solid waste management with an open mind, and it continues to look at management methods without prejudice and outside the context of competition. You have a remarkably bright and inquisitive student body, and when given the freedom to investigate and report, there is little doubt that we'll have a great conference every time. [...]"

"I think the WTERT deserves a lot of credit for putting together such a forward thinking event. The fact that alternatives to WTE were given so much time and attention demonstrates that the council is broader in scope than the name suggests. [...]"

"You did an excellent job. The conference was thought provoking and future oriented. Both presenters and the attendees made the conference stimulating and interesting. Many thanks and congratulations on an excellent meeting."

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