WTERT 2006 Awards Dinner

  WTERT Dinner

The sponsorship of the WTERT Dinner by the Solid Waste Processing Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is gratefully acknowledged.



This fine wines served at the Awards Dinner were provided by the Trade Commission of Chile in New York City.


  WTERT 2006 Education Award

Presentation by Prof. M. J. Castaldi (WTERT, Columbia University) of the WTERT 2006 Education Award to Prof. Paul Brunner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Prof. Brunner has written several books and over 150 technical papers on the subjects of sustainable waste management including the Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis. He was a principal in the development of the waste management system of Austria, one of the most advanced in the world, and is recognized internationally for his outstanding research work in the fields of waste and resource management.


  WTERT 2006 Industry Award

Presentation by Prof. N.J. Themelis (WTERT Chair) of the WTERT 2006 Industry Award to ASM Brescia WTE plant, Brescia, Italy.

The ASM Brescia plant was selected from a list of some of the best WTE facilities in the world, for its architecture, generation of electricity and district heating, emissions well below the E.U./U.S. standards, metal recovery, and ash management.

  The WTERT 2006 Awards are bronze sculptures by famous Greek sculptor Dimitris Armakolas. They are evocative of the harnessing of power by humans and are titled by the artist “Souvenir”.

The 2006 Awards films are available at the WTERT web. (www.columbia.edu/cu/wtert)


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