WTERT 2010 Awards Dinner

In 2010, the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council requested nominations of urban areas that are close to attaining the ideals of Sustainable. These are the results.



WTERT gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of the Reception by the Beta Analytic Inc. of Miami Florida (www.betalabservices.com) and the sponsorship of the 2010 Awards Dinner by the Materials and Energy Recovery (MER) Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (www.divisions.asme.org/MER).

  WTERT 2010 International Awards

The WTERT 2010 Award goes to the City of Vienna (Austria) for being one of the cleanest (as well as “most livable”!) cities in the world. Presented by Prof. N.J. Themelis; received on behalf of the City of Vienna by Mr. Rainer Kronberger, vice-head of the Waste Management Department (MA 48) of Vienna


  WTERT 2010 National Awards

The WTERT 2010 Award goes to Lee County of the State of Florida (U.S.A.) for being one of the first urban areas in the U.S. to approach “zero waste”. Presented by Prof. M.J. Castaldi; received on behalf of Lee County by Mr. Lindsey J. Sampson, Director of the Solid Waste Division of Lee County

  WTERT also salutes the finalists of the WTERT Awards: The caliber of the finalists in this competition was so high that it was very difficult to select the final winners. The finalists were (alphabetically): Berlin (Germany), Greater Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmo (Sweden), Marion County-Oregon (U.S.), Munich (Germany), the island-nation of Singapore, Metro Vancouver (Canada), and Zurich (Switzerland).

The WTERT 2010 Awards are bronze sculptures by famous Greek sculptor Dimitris Armakolas. They are evocative of the harnessing of power by humans and are titled by the artist “Souvenir”.

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