Prof. Morton A. Barlaz
(North Carolina State University, U.S.A.)

Mr. Jawad A. Bhatti
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University)

Dr. Antonio Bonomo
(A2A s.p.a., Brescia, Italy)

Prof. Marco Castaldi
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University)

Dr. Chris Cheeseman
(Imperial College, U.K.)

Prof. Xiao Dazhi
(Chongqing University, China)

Mr. John Foden
(Canadian Energy-From-Waste Coalition (CEFWC), Canada)

Dr. Mariusz Grabda
(Nakamura Group, Tohoku University, Japan)

Dr. Johan De Greef
(Technology Manager, Keppels Segher, Belgium)

Dr. Sergio Guerreiro
(University of Brazil, Brazil)

Mr. Rob van Haaren
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University)

Mr. Lim Siak Heng
(National Environmental Agency, Singapore)

Dr. Efstratios Kalogirou
(SYNERGIA, Greece)

Ms. Bettina Kamuk
(Ramboll Engineering, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Mr. Rainer Kronberger
(City of Vienna, Austria)

Mr. Jan Manders
(Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants (CEWEP), Brussels, Belgium)

Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos
(International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), Vienna, Austria)

Prof. Faye McNeill
(Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University)

Prof. Mingjiang Ni
(Institute for Sustainable Energy, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)

Prof. Ange Nzihou
(Ecole des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux, France)

Prof. Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University)

Mr. Dennis Ranahan
(Regional Utility Planning, Metro Vancouver, Canada)

Mr. Lindsey J. Sampson
(Lee County, Florida, U.S.A.)

Mr. Emmanuel Serna
(Aachen and Munich Universities, Germany)

Prof. Nickolas J. Themelis
(Stanley-Thompson Prof. Emeritus, Columbia University)

Prof. Carlo Vandecasteele
(Department Chemical Engineering, University of Leuven, Belgium)

Dr. Juergen Vehlow
(Institute for Technical Chemistry - Division of Thermal Waste Treatment, Germany)

Prof. Kunio Yoshikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan)




Earth Engineering Center
Organizations Achievements

Ranjith Annepu
Sustainable Waste Management in India

Jawad Bhatti
Means for Increasing Material or Energy Recovery from Plastics

Caroline Ducharme
Analysis of Thermal Plasma -Assisted Waste-to-Energy Processes

Garrett Fitzgerald
Methane Production via in-situ Point Heat Source Thermal Stimulation from Gas Hydrates

Alex Frank
Numerical Modeling of Pollution Formation in WTE Reactors using CFD

Naomi Klinghoffer
Investigation into Properties of Ash from Biomass Gasification

McKenzie Kohn
Auto-thermal and Dry Reforming of Landfill Gas using a Rh/yAl2O3 Monolithic Catalyst

Masato Nakamura
Numerical Analysis of Flow and Mixing Phenomena of MSW Particles on a Reverse Acting Grate

Natalí Ganfer Pelcman
A Study on an IC Engine Operated on Landfill Gas with Syngas Addition

Amanda Simson
Catalyst Deactivation and Regeneration Studies Reforming Ethanol/Gasoline Blends

L. Elefsiniotis
Three-Stage Steady-Bed Gasifier Concept

I.-S. Antonopoulos
Estimation of MSW Heating Values in Greece

P. Samaras
Characteristics and Treatment Processes for Fly Ash from WTE Facilities