Abrashkin, John
(Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University)

Arsova, Ljupka
(Gershman, Brickner & Bratton)

Castaldi, Marco
(Combustion and Catalysis Lab, City College of New York)

Chandran, Kartik
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University

Chromec, Peter
(Hitachi Zosen Inova)

Connolly, James
(Wheelabrator Technologies)

Consonni, Stefano
(Politecnico di Milano, WTERT Italy)

Cookson, Greg
(American Chemistry Council, Plastics Division)

Dwyer, Henri
(Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University)

Ellyin, Claudine
(Solid Waste Power Systems)

Felske, Christian
(Enerkem, City of Edmonton, Canada)

Gilman, Paul
(Covanta Energy Corp.)

Guran, Serpil
(Rutgers EcoComplex)

Huang Q. and Estrada A.
(Zhejiang University and Columbia University)

Koralewska, Ralf
(Martin GmbH)

Michaels, Ted
(Energy Recovery Council)

Park, Ah-Hyung Alissa
(Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University)

Schuster, Darlene
(Center for Energy Initiatives, AIChE)

Themelis, N. and Seo Y.
(Earth Engineering Center, Columbia University

Themelis N. and Castaldi M.
(Columbia University and City College of New York)

Themelis, Nickolas
(Stanley-Thompson Prof. Emeritus, Columbia University)

Tsiamis, Demetra
(City College of New York)

Van Klink, Lenny
(Rebel Group)

Weippert, Roland
(Lab Geodur - CNIM)




Earth Engineering Center and City College of New York
Nour Awad
Use of "Engineered Fuels" in cement production

Liubov Melnikova
Investigation of powering a gas enginer by LFG and syngas fuel

Simona Ciuta
Energy change mechanism during biomass pyrolysis

Deepak Sharma
Technical feasibility analysis of zero waste

Tim Sharobem
Mitigation of chloride corrosion of superheater tubes

Vikram Raju
Sustainable use of plastic wastes in India

Shumeng Liu
Overview of e-waste recycling in the US and the potential for application in China

Fei Li
Characteristics of food residue according to catering means

Estratios Kalogirou
Some of the WTERT 2012-2014 activities in Europe, Asia and Latin America