WTERT 2012 Acknowledgements


WTERT Dinner

The sponsorship of the WTERT Dinner by the Materials and Energy Recovery Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is gratefully acknowledged.



WTERT Luncheon

The sponsorship of the WTERT 2012 Luncheon by Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., a Waste Management Company, is gratefully acknowledged



WTERT Breakfast

The sponsorship of the Breakfast by HDR Inc. is gratefully acknowledged





WTERT 2012 Awards Dinner Program


WTERT 2012 Awards Dinner Musical Interlude




WTERT 2012 Award

Presentation by Prof. N.J. Themelis (WTERT Chair) of the WTERT 2012 Industry Award to “Waste Management World” Journal.

Waste Management World wins the award for its significant contribution to disseminating the cutting-edge news of the industry. It is the most widely available and read waste management magazine in the world and in 2000-2010 published hundreds of enlightening articles about sustainable waste management.




The WTERT 2012 Awards are bronze sculptures by famous Greek sculptor Dimitris Armakolas. They are evocative of the harnessing of power by humans and are titled by the artist “Souvenir”.


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