Participating members of the Global WTERT Council

Below you will find a list of all the participating WTERT member countries in the world. Each country might have one or more universities and/or research institutions that are actively contributing to our WTERT research, technology or innovations. Some countries (e.g. Australia) do not (yet) have a national WTERT institution, but have been involved in activities related to our WTERT network.

Photos of 197 WTE Power Plants All Around the World

North America

  • WTERT-United States
  • WTERT-Canada
  • WTERT-Mexico
  • South America

  • WTERT-Brasil
  • Asia

  • WTERT-China Chongqing University
  • WTERT-China Zhejiang University
  • WTERT-India
  • WTERT-Japan
  • Singapore (website under development)
  • Korea (website under development)
  • Europe

  • WTERT-Germany
  • WTERT-Greece
  • WTERT-France
  • WTERT-Italy
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