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WTERT was founded in 2002 by the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University


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WTERT conducts analytical and experimental research that involves both M.S. and doctoral students. The findings are reported through presentations at technical and public meetings, publications, the WTERT meetings, and the WTERT web page.

  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) studies of the kinetics of drying, volatilization, and combustion of various components of MSW.
    - (Please contact Eilhann Kwon for more information)
  • Biomass and biogas (LFG, digester gas, etc.) conversion to synthetic fuels and combustion enhancement in WTE chambers.
  • Corrosion in WTE units represents a major item of maintenance. Research efforts to overcome this problem include the testing of superior metal alloys and deign changes for reducing the temperature of superheater tubes.
    - (Please contact Shang-Hsiu Lee for more information)
  • Study of transport and chemical rate phenomena on WTE grates: The objective is to reduce the capital cost of future WTE units by understanding the effect of MSW size distribution and grate design on the combustion capacity of WTE units.
    - (Please contact Shang-Hsiu Lee for more information)
  • Improving the quantity and quality of metal recovery in WTE plants. On average, only 50% of the input metal is recovered in U.S. WTEs; also in many plants ferrous and non-ferrous metals are not separated, thus reducing the value of the metal collected.
    - (Please contact Werner Sunk for more information)
  • Beneficial uses of WTE ash, such as the remediation of land used for coal strip mining and production of concrete blocks for artificial reefs.
    - (Please contact Werner Sunk for more information)
  • Critical analysis of existing waste management systems and technical economics studies on the potential for WTE implementation in Brazil, Chile, Greece, India, the U.S. and elsewhere.
    - (Please contact Scott Kaufman, Priscilla Ulloa, or Perinaz Bhada for more information)
  • Comparison of health effects, life cycle costs and benefits, and greenhouse effects of  MSW treatment by WTE and by landfilling.



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