About the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering
WELCOME TO THE DEPARTMENT OF EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (EEE) of Columbia University. EEE is one of the departments of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) and the principal component of the Henry Krumb School of Mines (HKSM), an institute of the SEAS headed presently by Dean Zvi Galil. Other components of HKSM are the inderpartmental Materials Science and Engineering program of Columbia University and the Earth Engineering Center (EEC).

Professor Upmanu Lall, Chair

About the Department

In 1997, the educational programs of Columbia University in mining and mineral engineering were transformed to the present program in Earth and Environmental Engineering (EEE). This program is concerned with the environmentally sound extraction and processing of primary materials (minerals, fuels, water), the remediation of land and water resources, and the recycling or disposal of used materials. The Department offers the programs of EEE Bachelor of Science, the M.S. in Earth Resources Engineering, the professional degrees of Engineer of Mines and Metallurgical Engineer and the EEE doctorate degrees (Ph.D., Eng.Sc.D.). The Department welcomes Combined Plan students. An EEE Minor is available to Columbia engineering students of all other engineering disciplines who want to enrich their academic record by concentrating their technical electives on Earth/environment subjects.

As illustrated on the above diagram, the EEE program brings together Earth sciences, mining, materials, and environmental engineering with industrial ecology to close the loop from production, through use to disposal of materials and control the adverse environmental effects of human activities on planet Earth. There is close collaboration between EEE and the Departments of Civil Engineering and Earth and Environmental Sciences including several joint appointments.


Earth and Environmental Engineering at the Henry Krumb School of Mines fosters excellence in education and research for the development and application of science and technology to maximize the quality of life for all, through the sustainable use and responsible management of Earth’s resources.


EEE and the Earth Engineering Center are the contributions of Columbia’s School of Engineering to the initiative of Columbia University to become a major educational and research force in the global effort for sustainable development. Other Columbia groups engaged in Earth systems studies are the Columbia Earth Institute , the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC) and many others.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering combines the longstanding and proud tradition of Columbia's School of Mines with forward-thinking courses and programs, innovative research, and deep concern for the environment.

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