Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering Announces the Availability of Two Chair Professorships


Two Tenure Track Faculty Positions


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects rapid growth for Environmental Engineering employment


Internships and employment opportunity with the National Park Service.

Opportunities for earth science students and recent graduates to apply for internships and employment with the National Park Service. Many of our national parks were established because of their spectacular geologic resources, including some of the nation's best examples of geologic features and processes. The National Park Service needs geologists to effectively protect and manage these resources, and to describe them for the public. We appreciate your help in encouraging students to explore opportunities to work in the national park system.

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Graduate Student Job Opportunity
Technician: ****$23-$25 per hour*****

Our Faculty Desk Top Support Group (FDTSG) has an opening for a part-time graduate student. Aside from the technical knowledge needed (see below) the job requires that the student be familiar with research methods and research fields in general in the Social Sciences and Humanities. As a member of the FDTSG, the student will work one-on-one with faculty from various disciplines who need assistance for software, hardware and web applications in order to enhance and enable their teaching and research. The FDTS Group is located in 209 Low and receives administrative support and funding from the Office of the Vice President for Arts and Sciences, and technical support from AIS.


-Availability of 15-25 hours per week.
-Strong people skills and abundant patience.
-Experience in technical support, training or teaching
-Strong analytical skills for troubleshooting PC and/or MAC technical problems
-Initiative and research skills to find solutions to problems
-Familiarity with a broad range of PC and MAC hardware and software, operating systems, modems and printers
-Basic understanding and familiarity with web-based design tools and languages

Interested students should send short bio to Fran Ovios, Manager, AIS Computing,

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