Langmuir Center for Colloids and Interfaces


The Langmuir Center for Colloids and Interfaces (LCCI) is a research center that brings together experts from Mineral Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Chemistry to probe complex interactions of colloids and interfaces with surfactants and macromolecules.

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LCCI activities involve significant interaction with industrial sponsors and adopt an interdisciplinary approach toward state-of-the-art research on interfacial phenomena. Major areas of research at LCCI are thin films, surfactant and polymer adsorption, environmental problems, enhanced oil recovery, computer tomography, corrosion and catalysis mechanisms, membrane technology, novel separations of minerals, biocolloids, microbial surfaces, and interfacial spectroscopy. The pool of talent from the different departments at the Center, combined with modern equipment to examine processes on a molecular scale, creates an excellent atmosphere for fundamental and applied research at the graduate and postgraduate levels and for training to tackle research problems in both traditional and emerging areas

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