Group A: (A minimum of 1 class from this group)

EAEE 4267: Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling

P6103: Introduction to Biostatistics

APMA E4300y: Numerical Methods


Group B: (A minimum of 1)

EAEE E4150: Air Pollution Prevention and Control

EAEE E4160: Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

CHEE E4410: Environmental Control Technology

CIEE E4252: Environmental Engineering of Natural Systems

CIEE E3255: Environmental Engineering of Built Systems


Group C: (A minimum of 1)

CIEE E4260: Environmental Fluid Mechanics

CIEE E3250/4250: Hydrosystems Engineering

CIEE E4257: Contaminant transport in subsurface systems

EAEE E4900: Applied Transport and Chemical Rate Phenomena


Group D: (A minimum of 1)

EAEE E4901: Environmental Microbiology

EAEE E4003: Introduction to Aquatic Chemistry

EAEE E4252: Introduction to Surface and Colloid Chemistry

EAEE E4006: Field methods for Environmental Engineering


Group E: (A minimum of 1)

EAEE E4100: Management and Development of Water Systems

EAEE E4001: Industrial Ecology of Earth Resources

EAEE E4002: Alternative Energy Sources

P8325: Risk Assessment, Communication and Management

P8380: Urban Environmental Planning

P9317: Case Studies in Risk Assessment and Environmental Policy


Group F: (A minimum of 2)

P6300: Environmental Health Sciences

P6400: Principles of Epidemiology

P6310: Principles of Molecular Biology

P6313: Physiology

P8301: Gene-Environment Interactions in Human Disease

P8305: Principles of Aerobiology

P8306: Environmental Hygiene

P8308: Molecular Toxicology

P8311: Industrial Toxicology

P8312: Systemic Toxicology

P8313: Toxicokinetics

P8382: Endocrine, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology

P8319: Biological Markers of Chemical Exposure

P8307: Molecular Epidemiology

P8432: Environmental Epidemiology

G4500: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer


Group G ( A minimum of 1)

P8380: Urban Environmental Planning

P8309: Air Pollution

P9303: Hazardous Waste and Public Health

P9320: Water and Infectious Disease

E4980: Urban Environmental Technology and Policy

EAEE E4361: Economics of Earth Resource Industries

E4329: Economics of Sustainable Development

U4737: Economics of the Environment

P6309: Biochemistry Basic to Environmental Health

P6530: Issues and Approaches in Health Policy

P6700: Introduction to Sociomedical Sciences



Master’s Thesis EAEE E9271 and P9350 (6 credits)