Required courses for Sustainable Energy concentration:

EAEE E4001: Industrial Ecology

EAIA E4002: Alternative energy resources

EAEE 6208: Combustion chemistry and processes

MECE E4211: Energy: sources and conversion


The remainder of the courses should be selected by student in consultation with advisor

Mathematical modeling:

APMA E4300y: Numerical Methods

EAEE E6210 : Quantitative Environmental risk analysis

EAEE E4257: Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling


Pollution Prevention of Air and Water:

E4150: Air pollution control and prevention

EAEE E4003: Introduction to Aquatic Chemistry

EAEE E4160: Solid and hazardous waste management

CIEE E4257: Contaminant transport in subsurface systems

EAEE E6212: Carbon Sequestration


Engineering Sciences

EAEE E4252: Introduction to Surface and Colloid Chemistry

EAEE E4900: Applied transport and chemical rate phenomena

EAEE E4901: Environmental Microbiology

MECE E4212 Microelectromechanical systems


Resource Management:

EAEE E4200: Production of Inorganic Materials

EAEE E4361: Economics of Earth resource industries

EAEE E4100: Management and Development of Water Systems

E4980: Urban Environmental Technology and Policy


Health impacts

P6309: Biochemistry Basic to Environmental Health

P6530: Issues and Approaches in Health Policy

P6700: Introduction to Sociomedical Sciences