Required Classes:

EAEE E4257y Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling

EESC W4400x Dynamics of Climate Variability and Climate Change

EESC W4404y Regional Climate and Climate Impacts



A minimum of 1 class is required from each group below. Selections should be made in consultation with the student’s advisor. A suggested program is shown with the courses in bold.


Group A: Data Analysis and Solution Techniques

EAEE E4009 Geographic Information Systems for Resource, Environment, and Infrastructure Management

EAEE E6210 Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis

APMA E4300 Numerical Methods

STAT W4419 Decision Analysis

STAT W4437 Time Series Analysis

STAT G6101 Statistical Modeling for Data Analysis

IEOR E4004 Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models

IEOR E4007 Optimization Models and Methods for Financial Engineering

IEOR E4106 Introduction to Operations Research: Stochastic Models

EESC W4401x Quantitative Models of Climate-Sensitive Natural and Human Systems

EESC W4950 Mathematical Methods in the Earth Sciences

EESC G6908 Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis


Group B: Applied Sciences

EAEE E4001 Industrial Ecology of Earth Resources

EAEE E4150 Air Pollution Prevention and Control

EAEE E4160 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

EAEE E4900 Applied Transport and Chemical Rate Phenomena

EAEE E6240 Physical Hydrology

CIEE E4252 Environmental Engineering

CIEE E4257 Contaminant Transport in Subsurface Systems

APPH E4210 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

EESC W4030 Climatic Change

EESC W4925 Principles of Physical Oceanography

EESC W4930 Earth’s Oceans and Atmosphere

EESC G6921 Atmospheric Dynamics

EESC G6927 Tropical Oceanography

EESC G6928 Tropical Meteorology

EESC G6930 Ocean Dynamics

MSPH P8475 Emerging Infectious Diseases