Sustainability in Mineral Resource Recovery – A Global Perspective

Friday, November 11, 2005, 3:30 PM

Room 833 SWM Building

Subijoy Dutta, P.E., S&M Engineering Services, Crofton, MD


Dr. Krishna Parameswaran, Director, Environmental Services, ASARCO, LLC, Phoenix, AZ




The focus of this paper is solely based upon the global coverage of sustainability issues in mining and reclamation in the newly released book “ Sustainable Mining Practice: A global perspective by Balkema Publishers, a subsidiary of Taylor & Francis in July 2005 and authored jointly by the study authors above along with Dr. Krishna Parameswaran of ASARCO Incorporated.

What are the essential tools and concepts necessary to yield sustainable practices in the minerals sector? Participants should ponder on this issue. We will share some of our thoughts on that supported by a number of case histories from the Americas, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Our goal is to introduce “Sustainable Engineering ,” to promote an understanding of the environmental, ethical, social and business aspects of the discipline and their application to design methodologies and practices. We would like to share our views concerning the concept and thoughts on sustainable development in the mining sector that went on for over two years behind the compilation of this book.

It is hoped that the sustainable mining practices covered in the above cited book from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Americas will assist mining companies to implement such practices in their operations. We surely aim to leave the world a better place than we found it, and in mining, which is an essential industry, it is imperative that we learn from the experiences in various continents to constantly improve the mining and reclamation practices and strive to make that sustainable. The case histories and other relevant information on sustainable mining and reclamation practices to be presented at the seminar should create a good learning environment and promote a healthy exchange for the participants.

We primarily want to incite some new thoughts, ideas, views, and comments which could possibly shed further light on the path of sustainable practices in the mining and allied sector.