Earth & Environmental Engineering Seminar Series

 2004-2005 Academic Year 

Dr. Antonio Vincitore
UTC Fuel Cells


The Development of Fuel Processors for Use in Fuel Cell Applications

As economic and environmental constraints generate a greater need for more efficient and cleaner power generation processes, fuel cells and other power generation products, such as micro-turbines and reciprocating engines, have become aggressive areas of product development. The near-term success of fuel cell vehicles in transportation applications is hindered by the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure. As a result, numerous fuel-processing strategies are being developed and implemented to establish the foundation for a hydrogen infrastructure. One specific area of focus is the advancement of a gasoline fuel processor capable of converting pump-grade gasoline into fuel cell grade hydrogen.

This presentation will cover the development of fuel processing equipment for various stationary and transportation fuel cell applications, with an emphasis given to the advancement of a gasoline fuel processor for use in PEM fuel cell vehicles. A summary of the test results from an ambient-pressure gasoline fuel cell power plant that demonstrated the capability of converting California Reformulated Phase III gasoline to electricity will be included. A brief review of the "state of the art" in
hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will also be presented.