What We Do

The Society of Women Engineers is a non-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to aspire to careers in engineering and thrive as leaders in society.

Photos From Our Events

Executive Board

The Executive Board manages the Columbia University chapter of SWE.


Facilitating connections with alumni is immensely important, as alumni are fantastic sources of inspiration and guidance. The Alumni Committee works to facilitate these connections by planning events such as alumni panels and dinners, allowing undergraduates to hear from people who were once in their shoes.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee aims to expose young women to the promising field of engineering, and to offer guidance through application processes and career choices. Committee members lead high school engineering clubs, spearhead fundraisers, and engage with the greater campus community.


The Corporate Committee aims to advance women professionally and to put them on a level playing field in industry. Committee members coordinate site visits, info sessions, networking events, and other unique opportunities, thereby connecting students with companies who value diversity in their workplace.

Engineering Exploration Experience

The Engineering Exploration Experience Committee holds an annual spring event that aims to expose students of lower socioeconomic classes to engineering. Students from over fifty high schools come to campus for a day filled with labs, lectures, mentorship, and a brief introduction to life as an engineering student.

Engineering Week

The Engineering Week Committee coordinates a large scale event that engages the campus community and serves to excite the engineering student body. Past events have included professional networking, mentorship initiatives, and social events with our general membership.


The Faculty Committee works to connect women studying engineering with female faculty through events that promote both parties learning from one another. Committee members organize professor dinners, coordinate lab tours, and give students the chance to discuss research opportunities with faculty.


The Historian Committee records and preserves SWE's goals and achievements and the many benefits of our membership. Committee members document events for future use, a task that includes taking pictures and creating videos that eventually get posted to our various social media platforms.


Effective marketing allows us to communicate SWE's purpose to our community and beyond. The Marketing Committee works toward this goal and keeps up excitement within the organization, by creating designs for items such as tshirts, flyers, and banners.


We seek to increase SWE's presence on campus and to provide a network for all women engineers to socialize, learn, and advance their aspirations. The Membership Committee works toward this vision by hosting events such as a semesterly SWEet Night In and regular General Body Meetings.


Upperclassmen can be a great resource to underclassmen who are still figuring out their way at the university and within their major. The Mentorship Committee understands the importance of having a strong support network and aims to connect underclassmen and upperclassmen through mentorship families.


The Social Committee aims to foster personal relationships between members of the board. Committee members work to build strong community and lasting friendships by coordinating regular board bonding activities. They may also assist with planning mixers with other clubs.


The SWE website is a useful tool for communicating our mission, membership, and events to current students, prospective students, faculty and corporate partners. The Webmaster Committee works to keep the page updated with current information about our membership and its activities.


is to promote and encourage women in the Engineering and Sciences field and to emphasize the importance of higher education as well as maintaining perseverance in pursuing leadership and professional distinction among society.

CU SWE 2018 by Emily Bau